We all want beautiful, white teeth, but unfortunately, only a very few of us have a natural, dazzling-white smile. Our teeth gradually become stained by the food we eat and drink and even vigorous daily brushing with whitening toothpaste will not make your teeth significantly whiter.

The only way to achieve great results is a professional whitening treatment, applied by a dentist. In combination with a thorough oral cleaning, a customized cleaning program can significantly whiten your smile in very little time. The professional treatment is much more effective than the over-the-counter products and also achieves more lasting results, without the risk of damage to the teeth or surrounding gum tissue.

We offer BriteSmile laser teeth whitening treatment can be performed in as little as one hour.



Superior Technology: BriteSmile has been proven in clinical studies to be safe and effective with results that can last for years.

  1. Whitens more effectively than a leading tray system and 1-hour curing light bleaching method

  2. New procedure is now more effective–an average improvement of 9.3 shades, still one hour and without increasing the concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the BriteSmile gel.

  3. BriteSmile’s proven technology is currently used by over 4500 dentists in over 60 countries around the world.

Unparalleled patient satisfaction: The BriteSmile process is setting a new standard for patient satisfaction in teeth whitening.

  1. Consistently receives a 98% satisfaction rating

  2. Almost 500,000 procedures performed to date, and growing by thousands more each month

  3. Independent studies show BriteSmile as the most widely respected name in professional teeth whitening.


For BriteSmile teeth whitening process the patented BriteSmile whitening treatment consists of a lamp filtered to emit light in the blue-green region of the spectrum (approximately 400-500 nanometers) and a patented delivery device, which illuminates all smile teeth at once.

The BriteSmile light is used in combination with a patented peroxide gel, which has been optimized to obtain a maximal whitening effect and to ensure patient safety. The patented chemistry consists of a 15% hydrogen peroxide gel buffered at an approximately neutral pH that is compatible with tooth enamel. The gel also contains other ingredients such as glycerin and highly purified water to prevent tooth dehydration and to further ensure safety. The gel also contains a patented photo-initiator, which assists in chromophore destruction at the tooth’s surface.

For BriteSmile light system is patented and available exclusively at BriteSmile whitening spas and through our Associated Center network. Due to its unique design, our light is able to whiten all “smile line” teeth simultaneously and uniformly, with an amazing 9+ shades of improvement on the Vita-Pan shade guide. Nothing has been proven to whiten teeth faster, easier, and more effectively. Beware of imitators that may claim they work as well as BriteSmile. Some may use less commonly accepted shading scales and/or lack independent clinical research to back their claims.

For BriteSmile whitening gel contains a patented photo-initiator, activated by our patented blue-light, which shines on the gel and acts as a catalyst, accelerating its natural teeth whitening compounds. The new treatment includes an additional step in the protocol consisting of the application of a liquid whitening accelerator just prior to the second and third applications of the gel. The blue-light triggers the gel because it is specifically tuned to respond to certain wavelengths of light. How does this happen? It is a similar bleaching process by which objects are naturally whitened by sunlight but, thanks to the blue light and hydrogen peroxide, our whitening treatment allows our clients to leave in just over an hour with their teeth at their optimal whiteness. It is also completely safe, because unlike sunlight, our patented light does not release harmful ultra-violet rays. Instead, it operates in the gentle blue-green spectrum, which is safe for tooth enamel as well as skin, gums, and other soft tissues.